Top Influencers and Personalities in the Online Sabong Community

Online Sabong, the digital version of the traditional cockfighting sport, has rapidly gained popularity in recent years. The community is thriving with numerous influencers and personalities who have made significant impacts. These key figures play crucial roles in shaping the online sabong landscape, providing valuable insights, and engaging with enthusiasts worldwide. Let’s delve into the top influencers and personalities in the online sabong community.

1. Mang Joey

Mang Joey is a veteran in the sabong community, known for his extensive knowledge and expertise. With over 20 years of experience in the sport, he transitioned to the online platform seamlessly, bringing a wealth of information to his followers. His YouTube channel is a treasure trove of tips, strategies, and historical anecdotes about sabong. Mang Joey’s approachable demeanor and willingness to share his knowledge have earned him a loyal following.

2. Tatay Jun

Another notable figure in the online sabong community is Tatay Jun. He is renowned for his detailed analyses and in-depth discussions on sabong tactics. Tatay Jun hosts live streams where he interacts with viewers, answering questions and providing real-time advice. His ability to break down complex strategies into understandable segments has made him a beloved figure among both novice and seasoned sabong enthusiasts.

3. Ate Maris

Ate Maris stands out as one of the few prominent female personalities in the online sabong scene. Her unique perspective and insightful commentaries have made her a significant influencer. Ate Maris runs a popular blog where she shares her experiences, interviews with top breeders, and reviews of major online sabong events. Her engaging writing style and genuine passion for the sport resonate with a wide audience.

4. Kuya Noy

Kuya Noy is known for his vibrant personality and energetic content. He leverages social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to share quick tips, highlight reels, and motivational messages for the sabong community. Kuya Noy’s enthusiasm is contagious, and his ability to connect with the younger generation has helped in expanding the reach of online sabong.

5. Doc Richard

Doc Richard, a veterinarian by profession, brings a unique angle to the online sabong community. His expertise in animal health and welfare is invaluable, especially concerning the care and conditioning of fighting cocks. Through his informative videos and articles, Doc Richard educates sabong enthusiasts on best practices for maintaining the health and performance of their birds, making him a trusted authority in the field.

6. Master Tonio

Master Tonio is a well-respected figure known for his deep understanding of breeding techniques. His webinars and online courses have helped countless breeders improve their practices and achieve better results. Master Tonio’s contributions to the online sabong community extend beyond just breeding; he also emphasizes the importance of ethical practices and the preservation of the sport’s rich heritage.

7. Kakampi

Kakampi is a digital platform and community hub created by a group of passionate sabong enthusiasts. It serves as a one-stop resource for news, live events, forums, and expert advice. The founders of Kakampi are influential personalities themselves, regularly hosting podcasts and live discussions that attract a large audience. Their collaborative efforts have significantly contributed to the growth and cohesion of the online sabong community.


The online sabong community is vibrant and ever-evolving, thanks to the contributions of these top influencers and personalities. Their dedication, expertise, and passion for the sport not only enhance the experience for current enthusiasts but also attract new fans to the world of online sabong. As the community continues to grow, these key figures will undoubtedly remain instrumental in shaping its future.

By staying informed about these top influencers, sabong enthusiasts can deepen their understanding of the sport, stay updated on the latest trends, and connect with a broader community of like-minded individuals. Whether you are a seasoned aficionado or a curious newcomer, these personalities offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to enrich your online sabong experience.

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